Kaliningrad is a Russian city that is located at the southeastern side of the big Baltic Sea. This important Russian city was founded in the year of 1255. The city was initially named as Königsberg but later the city was renamed to Kaliningrad in 1946. That is why learning the Russian language in this city is quite rewarding because international students are going to learn about the history and the language at the same time.

In addition, this Russian city is well-known in the rest of the country for housing foreigners from other nationalities such as Ukrainians, Belarusians, Lithuanians and Germans. In this fashion, international students are going to feel comfortable because this city is a welcoming city for foreigners. As one of the most important seaports in Russia, the city offers several accommodation facilities for students.

About the city

Kaliningrad is basically the main city of Kaliningrad Oblast. Surprisingly, there are a large number of foreigners who are living in this Russian city for many years. As an example we can mention some Lithuanians, Ukrainians, and Germans who share this territory nowadays. The city borders geographically with Lithuania and Poland. This city is quite old because it dates back from the thirteen century approximately. In fact, the city was the most important city of the ancient Prussia.

The city was built in the year of 1255 near the fantastic Pregolya River. The town was subdued to Germans during the Second World War. However, several years later, the Soviet Union recovered the city. Originally this town was named as Königsberg due to the German government that invaded it during the Second World War. Before it was invaded, the city was formally a part of the big Prussia.

Even though the city was totally devastated during the Second World War, Kaliningrad was recovered in 1945 by the Red Army and it was restored again. The next year, the city was renamed as Kaliningrad in honor to the most important political and revolutionary man who was born in this city in 1875. We are talking about Mikhail Kalinin.

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour Kaliningrad, Russia Lenin Statue Kaliningrad, Russia

Travelers can see some historical landmarks and ancient constructions in the entire city. As reported by the last census in 2010, the total population of the city was 431,526. During its splendor days, the city of Kaliningrad was considered as a science hub because some important recognized people such as Immanuel Kant (Philosopher) and Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann (writer) were born in this place.

The weather in the city is a little bit different. There is a temperature of 20° and 25° C during the summer (June-August), 10° and 15° C in autumn (September-November). However, the winter season (December-February) is quite different in this city because it drops only to 5° to 11° C approximately. It is strongly recommended to visit the city during the summer season.

Why learn Russian in Kaliningrad?

Learning the Russian language in this fascinating city is quite convenient for foreign students because of its wonderful accommodation facilities and rich cultural and historical legacy. In this fashion, students can learn more about the history of this important Russian city; they can also learn the language at the same time. In addition, the city includes some spectacular landscapes and natural resources that provide stunning environments to study the language.

Taking a Russian language course in this town is also convenient because the majority of language schools have affordable fewer prices than other language schools in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Students can learn the language as quick as possible because the citizens speak a standard Russian language which makes it easier for foreigners to understand and speaking Russian.

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Kaliningrad photos

Beautiful Hotels Kaliningrad, Russia Beautiful Modern Architecture Kaliningrad, Russia Stadium Kaliningrad, Russia The Bridge of Louise the Queen Kaliningrad, Russia

Russian courses in Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad State Technical University

This prestigious university offers amazing courses in the city of Kaliningrad. It was founded in 1962 and since then this educational institution has been recognized for having excellent teachers and well-qualified specialists. In addition, this university includes a big department of Russian as a foreign language. The Russian language courses are divided in Russian for beginners, Russian for Intermediate stage, Russian for advanced students and Russian for philologists.

Further information: kln@klgtu.ru
Phone: +7 (4012) 935488
Address: Sovietsky prospect 1 Kaliningrad (236000)

Privet Language school

This amazing language school provides Great Russian language courses in the city of Kaliningrad. The language schools opened its educational services in 2003. In addition, Privet offers accommodation services at affordable prices. The most important Russian language courses in Privet are the individual courses, the Russian culture courses, the Business Russian courses and the long term courses, just to mention a few.

Further Information: privet@myrussian.ru
Phone: +7 (4012) 333169
Address: ul. Krasnoselskaya 60A

Languages in Action school

This language school is one of the most important in the city of Kaliningrad because of its amazing Russian language courses. In addition, Languages in Action organizes several cultural activities to make the learning process easier for students. There are individual courses, mini group courses and summer school courses. The classes starts with six students per classroom and each class has a total duration of forty-five minutes.

Further information: http://www.languagesinaction.com/learn-russia/kalingrad.php

The world’s best language schools

This educational institution in Russia provides great accommodation facilities for international students who want to have a good command of the Russian language. In addition, there are native speaker professional teachers. The classes are provided during the mornings and the afternoons. There is no limit to age in order to study in this language school. The principal program includes individual courses, mini group courses, summer courses, Russian culture courses and Russian Business courses for executives.

Further information: http://www.worldsbestlanguageschools.com/Russia_Kaliningrad.htm

Ziegler and Partner Language School

This language school is exactly located in the old German quarter right next door to the city’s downtown. That is why this language school is quite convenient for international students. The teachers are well-trained in providing excellent skills in Russian language. In fact, all the teachers use a reliable technical method that is called Russki Express which was designed and developed by the prestigious Linguistic center of Moscow and the UNESCO. International students can find individual, standard, intensive and group courses in Ziegler and Partner Language School. Each week the language school provides twenty lessons and the classes start with six students max.

Further Information: info@studyrussian.com http://www.studyrussian.com/kaliningrad/russian_courses.html

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