Here you can find the most important information related to schools in Russia and how the educational system is in that country. You also can find information about the most important Russian schools.

Russian Education

Choose School Russia is a singular country that has a huge historical background. Its people, culture, language, political system and education have been evolving during the last years. For example, the Russian education is considered as having one of the strongest systems in the world. That is why that many foreign students attend Russian schools now.

However, the Russian Education has experienced a transition since the fall of the Czarist aristocracy in 1917 due to the Russian Revolution. After that, the Soviet Union introduced new education policies like socialist ethics and the inculcation of Leninist-Marxist ideology. At the end of the Soviet Union, in December, 1991, the education in Russia changed drastically some policies. The post-Soviet education was focused in teaching about the economic development of the country.

In fact, there are thousands of western students that are applying for a scholarship or attending language schools currently in order to learn Russian. Although Russia is considered as one of the most complex languages in the world, the business world is demanding professionals with Russian languages skills because Russia is now a powerful marketplace. Most international companies are investing in new businesses and they need an efficient and professional Translation process for different business documents.

Russia beautiful places

Russia is a spectacular country that received plenty of tourists as well. There are magical and historical cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg where foreigners can visit stunning monuments, landmarks, buildings and amazing landscapes. For further information about the magnificent activities and places to visit in this Slavic country, there are several Russian travel guides online where tourists can obtain detailed tourist information about Russia.

Best Russian Schools

If you're planning a trip to Russia and you want to learn Russian Language; whether if youíre a novice, intermediate or advanced student; youíll find a range of courses that will suit you. Firstly, you should take care of your visa, accommodations and related aspects of your stay; and for that, you should choose in which place of Russia youíll stay, itís not easy to choose a destination but the following information will help you to have an idea.


Moscow, the Capital city of Russia Federation, is a perfect place for learning Russian language; youíll see here the combination of a modern city with a rich culture full of ancient and historic buildings. If you stay in Moscow, the economic and cultural centre of Russia, youíll not only to have the opportunity to learn Russian and practice and improve your skills by talking to locals; youíll also be near the Red Square, the symbol of Russia, and the historical center that gives Moscow the name of The city of forty times forty churches. If you study in Moscow, youíll have everything you need in the surrounding area, and it wonít take you too long to get to a shop, places for entertainment, eateries, fitness clubs and famous buildings. There are also plenty of accommodations for all tastes and budgets.

St. Petersburg:

St. Petersburg was once the imperial capital of Russia, replaced now by Moscow, but itís one of the most beautiful cities in the world because itís a year round destination with stunning cathedrals, palaces, huge squares and canals with waterways that once dubbed it as the Venice of the North. Living and studying in St. Petersburg is almost easier as in Moscow. Although there are not supermarkets close to most places in the city; youíll have many facilities to have a comfortable live, the time youíre in this city.


Kazan is a city that seems to be taken from a fairy tale; Kazan is an ancient city, in which wherever you look there is a beautiful sight, a magnificent building and recreational programs. In Kazan one has different options for stay. Family stay, apartment, and hotels; we recommend you to choose a family stay, in that way youíll have plenty of opportunities for practicing the Russian language and fell more safety. If you want to plan your trip soon, itís better to contact the accommodation in advance.


Samara is other famous destination to visit for people that study Russian; there are language schools in city center with all facilities. Surrounding area is also very comfortable, thereís a shopping center with fashion stores, cafes, parking, food and more. If it results very expensive for you, there are also small markets. Eateries are scattered across the city and gyms for keeping fit. Youíll see many places for entertainment such as: Squares (The central square, Glory square), Museums (Art Museum), picturesque views and more.

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