Choose Destination So you want to learn Russian language, and you can afford a trip to Russia for doing that; find the information you need for choosing a destination in Russia. Whether you’re going to study or just you want to relax; you’ll not have enough time to visit all the country, but you can select some destinations in order to visit them and tell anybody that you were in Russia and visited the main attractions.

In time, there are many thoughts about Russia; there are people that consider it dangerous place after the bomb attacks on Moscow, and a city of an unbelievable richness and a place with poverty at the same time. You’ll see that Russia is the perfect destination for people interested in arts and culture; however, we offer some information of some of the most important destinations in Russia.

Moscow: The capital of the biggest country, Russia. Moscow is famous for the most expensive cups of coffee and several places of interest such as: The Red Square that boasts many important buildings historically related to the Soviet Union history with a bronze statue of Kuzma Minin and Dimitry Pozharsky, who fight against Polish invaders; beautiful Cathedrals the Kremlin grounds that boast many churches including Archangel Cathedral, Assumption Cathedral and others; and a range of places for entertainment including theatres, museums, art exhibitions, clubs and bars. One of the best things in the city is the great system transportation.

It’s a gorgeous city that worth a visit; although some people say that it’s the most unfriendly city.

St. Petersburg: One cannot find many places like St. Petersburg, because this city has many attractions like no other. St. Petersburg is the second largest city of Russia and its major cultural center; it hosts some World Heritage sites declared by UNESCO in the historic center. You’ll see several Baroque and Neoclassical buildings. Something to consider is that Saint Petersburg hosts over two hundred museums (almost 220) in historic buildings, numerous parks and gardens and vibrant cultural scenery.

Nizhni Novgorod: Commonly known as Nizhny, an economic, transport and cultural center of the country; the city hosts over six hundred unique historic architectural and cultural monuments and institutions. The notable houses of worship are unique attractions of the city; the Pechersky Ascension Monastery, and the Annunciation monastery are impressive places every tourist must visit. And we cannot forget to mention the open-work hyperboloid tower buit by the engineer Vladimir Shukhov.

Kaliningrad: A popular seaport of Russia, although this city is one of the smallest of Russia, It has many museums such as: Immanuel Kant (from who you can find a monument also), Kaliningrad Amber Museum, the museum of the world’s Ocean and more. Theaters are also notable buildings in Kaliningrad, where you can enjoy beautiful spectacles including the Philharmonic Orchestra.
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